Senior Health Care We Can Live With, At Home

We never want to burden our children. We’ve provided them with the best care we could and watched them grow up into the wonderful adults they are. We certainly don’t want to put a halt to their lives and require that they take care of us throughout our debilitating years. But, it is an ever nearing possibility that we will need senior health care one day.So, what do we do? Well, there are several options. Most of us look to nursing homes for our first option. Some nursing homes are great places to consider as we approach those elderly years. They have beautiful property where we can roam and enjoy our last days. They might provide activities for us to do so that we don’t get bored when we are tired of sitting around and watching the wind blow.On another level, they might have Registered Nurses on staff that can provide for our medical needs. Some have ambulances and are very close to hospitals so that we can be well taken care of in case of an emergency. Some nursing homes have transportation that they can provide so that we can schedule regular visits to our doctors. Doctors we’ve known for years and trust.But, nursing homes have a stigma connected to them and it’s hard for many of us to look forward to entering one. It’s hard to know that the staff is well-trained and even-tempered to provide the kind of care we should come to expect. Interviews and visits don’t provide us with that kind of insight. It’s an awful thing for us to have to find out what we actually need to know only upon entering the facility and submitting our lives to their care.But, nursing homes are not the only option. Home Health Care is a perfectly viable option for many of use facing our senior years. Home Health Care Aides can be hired to live in our homes 24/7 and provide us with our personal care needs as well as homemaking and companionship. But if we don’t require 24/7 attention, they can be scheduled for certain hours and certain days throughout the week. It’s up to our own necessity.Skilled nurses such as Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses closely monitor the Aides to ensure the highest level of care. At no additional charge, they make regular visits to your home to make sure that your health and rehabilitative needs are being met. But, Home Health Care isn’t just about medical care.Assistance with Activities of Daily Living certainly includes bathing, dressing, feeding and other hygiene. But other duties include grocery shopping, housekeeping and laundry. Outings and walks are also part of the program. Don’t be surprised if your children come in one day to visit you and you are in the middle of a game of chess with your Home Health Care Aide. It’s not uncommon and it’s not too much to ask.These days, we need a more specialized care than what was provided years ago. Home Health Care can provide you with the level of specialized care you need. So, you can have the quality of life you deserve and you don’t have to burden your children to provide it. That’s a win-win situation everyone can live with!

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