Best Home Security System – Wired or Wireless?

There are two types of home security systems that are available for your home. The wired security system requires that wire be run from the control panel to each device that is installed in your home. The wireless security system only requires wire from the power source to the control panel.Wired Home Alarm SystemWhen you have a wired home alarm system installed the installer will need to physically run wires from the control panel to every window and door in your home if you have elected to have the full perimeter protected. The control panel is typically located in a hall closet that is centrally located. The installer will need to run the wires through the attic or crawl space of your home.Wireless Home Alarm SystemWhen a wireless home alarm system is installed the installer will locate the control panel close to an electrical outlet for the transformer to be plugged in. The wire will be run inside the wall to hide it from view. The wireless devices communicate with the control panel with a transmitter and they are powered by batteries.Advantages of a Wired Home Alarm SystemThis system offers very good reliability and the devices are less expensive.Disadvantages of Wired Home Alarm SystemThis system requires the technician to drill holes into all of the door jams and the window sills. This has the potential for damage done to the area being drilled. There is also the potential to damage in the ceiling due to the technician having to crawl through the attic. Over time there is a high potential for rodents to chew on the wires and this can cause unwanted results such as false alarms.Advantages of a Wireless Alarm SystemThis system is very easily installed with a minimum amount of disruption to your home. There is no drilling to install the devices. There is double stick tape used to secure each door and window contact. There should be silicone installed to each contact to make for a long lasting connection. The double stick tape has a tendency to dry out and fall off over time. This can result in false alarms at some point in the future.Disadvantages of Wireless Home Alarm SystemWireless alarm devices are operated with a battery in each device. These batteries typically last for some time but will need to be replaced at some point. This is an added expense when compared to a wired system. The wireless devices are typically more expensive than a wired system device.When to use a wired or a wireless systemIf you are living in an apartment or a rental unit then the wireless home alarm system is the only real choice. There is an absolute minimum of disruption to the walls, and doors. If your home is in the process of being built then a wired system works best. The cost of the system is less and the labor to pre-wire is also less expensive. If you own your home then a wired system may be the best choice. This often depends on the construction of your home. If you are living in a two story home then it if difficult or impossible to run the wire to any of the first floor doors and windows.Hybrid SystemsWired and wireless systems have the ability to use both wireless and wired components with the same control panel. This comes in handy when you are upgrading an existing system. This type of system can also solve the issues of installing protection on your doors and windows that will not accommodate wire being run directly to that area.

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